Quality assurance Automatic Bga Reballing WDS-620 for Laptop for Macbook Logic Board Repairing Machine



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Quality assurance Automatic Bga Reballing WDS-620 for Laptop for Macbook

Logic Board Repairing Machine

Independent 3 heating zones temperature control system
  1. The upper and lower hot air heating, which can heat up at the same time from the top of the component to the bottom of the PCB; bottom IR heating, temperature precision control within ±1℃. 8 segment temperature control independently.
  2. Hot air district heating for BGA and PCB at the same time, and large area IR heater preheating up for the bottom of PCB to avoid completely PCB deformation during reworking, the upper or lower temperature zones could be used alone and combine freely the energy of up and lower heating element.
  3. Adopted high precision K-type thermocouple close-loop control and PID parameter self-setting system. Temperature curves can be displayed with instant curve analysis function and multi-group user data can be saved; temperature can be tested precisely through external measurement interface, curves can be analysed, set and correct on the touch screen at any time.

Precision optical alignment system
  Using high definition and adjustable CCD color optical alignment system, beam split, amplification,lessening, fine adjustment and auto focus with the function that automatic color aberration resolution and brightness adjustment, adjustable image contrast; equipped with 15 ” high definition LCD monitor.

Multi-functional and humanized operation system
  1. Adopting the HD touch human-machine interface, upper heating head and mounting head designed 2 in 1, providing many kinds of titanium alloy BGA tuyere can be rotated in 360 degree for easy installation and replacement.
  2. X,Y and R angle adopted micrometer fine-tuning, accuracy locating, precision can reach ±0.01mm.

Superior safety protection function
  With the alarm function, after the BGA welding the machine can alarm by itself. In the case of temperature abuse, the circuit can power off automatically with the double over-temperature protection. Temperature parameter having password protection to prevent any modification.


Power supply

AC 110V±10% 50/60Hz

Total power

Max 5300W

Heater power

Upper temp.zone 1200W,second temp.zone 1200W,IR temp.zone 


Electrical material

Driving motor+ smart temp.controller+color touch screen

Temperature controlling

(high precision K-sensor)(Closed Loop),

independent temp.controller,the precision can reach ±1℃

Locating way

V shape slot,PCB support jigs can adjust,laser light do fast centering 

and position

PCB size

Max 400×390mm Min 10×10 mm

Applicable chips

Max 80×80mm Min 1×1 mm

Overall dimension


Temperature Interface

1 pcs

Weight of machine



White updated to blue with new system


1. HD Optical alignment system for precisely mounting BGA and components.

2. Touch screen and PLC control to ensure it work stably and reliably.

3. Components mounting accuracy within 0.01mm, repair success rate 99.9%.

4. Laser Positioning function for fast positioning the BGA Chip and motherboard.

5. Precise Temperature Control, accuracy within 2℃.

6. Upper temperature zone can be moved freely, Second zone can be adjusted up and      down.

7. Three temperature zones to heat up independently.

8. Hot air nozzle can be rotated in 360 degree.

9. Perfect support Soldering, Desoldering, Removing and Reballing the BGA Chip.

10. Rework BGA, VGA, CCGA, QFN, CSP, LGA, SMD, etc.

11. With CE certification, double over temperature protection function.



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